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Used Electronic Equipment

We understand that modern education relies on technology. With technological advancement, old computers, projectors, and other devices become outdated and require proper disposal. We offer schools and universities professional collection and recycling of used electronic equipment, caring for the environment and adhering to legal norms.

Expired Chemical Reagents

School and academic laboratories are places of innovation and learning. However, over time, some chemical reagents may become unnecessary or expired. Our company guarantees safe and legal collection and disposal of such substances, ensuring safety for universities and their staff.

Why Trust Us?

Experience: We are experts in the field of recycling and disposal, with many years of experience in the industry.

Safety: We guarantee safe transport and disposal of waste, protecting universities from potential risks.

Compliance with Regulations: We operate fully legally, in accordance with current regulations, ensuring peace of mind for universities.

Education: We also offer workshops and training for students and pupils on responsible waste management and the importance of recycling for the environment.

Engage your school in environmental actions and choose Geomar as your trusted recycling partner. Contact us to learn more about our offer for educational institutions!

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Chemical laboratories, both in educational institutions and elsewhere, generate a range of wastes that can be hazardous to humans and the environment. Therefore, proper management of these wastes becomes crucial. Here are some reasons why laboratories, including school ones, should collaborate with specialized recycling companies like Geomar Recycling:

Environmental Protection:

Chemical wastes can be harmful to the environment. They can contaminate water, air, and soil, leading to permanent damage to ecosystems. Specialized recycling companies have the technology and knowledge necessary to process these wastes in an environmentally safe manner.

Preventing Unwanted Incidents:

Improper storage or disposal of chemical wastes can lead to leaks, fires, or other hazardous situations. Professional services from Geomar Recycling ensure that wastes are stored, transported, and processed according to the highest safety standards.

In many countries, there are stringent regulations regarding the disposal of chemical wastes. Working with a professional recycling company guarantees that the laboratory complies with these regulations, avoiding potential fines and sanctions.

Education and Responsibility:

School laboratories also have an educational responsibility. By collaborating with Geomar Recycling, they teach students responsible handling of chemical wastes, which is a valuable lesson for future generations of scientists and citizens.

Cost Savings and Efficiency:

Collaborating with Geomar Recycling allows for more efficient waste management. Geomar also offers consulting services, helping laboratories optimize processes and reduce waste quantities.

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Geomar Recycling – Professional Service for Public Institutions

Used Electronic Equipment

In the era of digitalization and automation, offices increasingly use modern technologies. They strive to stay up-to-date, which inevitably leads to the need to replace old systems and devices. Geomar Recycling offers comprehensive service for offices in the collection and responsible, ecological processing of used electronic equipment.

Commissioned Destruction of Products

We understand the importance of confidentiality and data security in devices used in offices. Therefore, we offer commissioned destruction services for IT equipment, ensuring complete and secure removal of all data. Our service guarantees that no confidential information falls into unauthorized hands.

Why Geomar Recycling?


With many years of experience, we understand the specifics of public institutions and adapt to their requirements.

Our services are fully compliant with current waste management regulations and personal data protection laws.


We offer full insight into the data destruction process and confirmation of data deletion.


We serve various types of institutions, from municipal offices to tax offices and even customs chambers.

Ensure responsible waste management and data confidentiality in your office by choosing Geomar Recycling. Contact us to learn more about our specialized offer for offices!
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Responsible Waste Management in Enterprises: Why Geomar Recycling is the Best Choice

In the era of rapid technological and industrial development, enterprises generate increasing amounts of electronic and industrial waste. Proper disposal of this waste becomes not only an ecological necessity but also a corporate responsibility. Here are reasons why enterprises should choose Geomar Recycling as a partner in responsible waste management:

Environmental Protection:

Among industrial and electronic wastes are substances potentially harmful to the environment, such as mercury or lead. Geomar Recycling guarantees their safe processing, protecting nature and reducing the risk of contamination.

Recovery of Valuable Resources:

Electronics and industrial components often contain precious raw materials, such as precious metals. Thanks to modern recycling methods used by Geomar, these resources can be recovered and reused, reducing the need for exploitation of natural resources.

Compliance with Regulations:

Many countries are introducing strict regulations regarding the management of industrial and electronic waste. Geomar Recycling provides enterprises with full support in complying with these regulations, protecting them from potential fines.

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In today's digital world, IT services encounter an increasing amount of electronic waste – from used components to entire devices that are no longer fit for use. Although these elements may seem worthless, they have a significant impact on the environment.

Why should IT services collaborate with Geomar Recycling for responsible waste management?

Environmental Protection:

Electronic waste contains substances that can seep into the soil and groundwater if not properly disposed of. Geomar Recycling guarantees professional processing of these materials, protecting the environment from pollution.

Resource Renewal:

Many electronic components contain valuable raw materials, such as gold, silver, or rare earth metals. By handing over waste to a company specializing in recycling, like Geomar, you contribute to the recovery of these valuable materials, reducing the need for new resource extraction.

In many countries, there are regulations regarding the proper management of electronic waste. Geomar Recycling will help your IT service maintain full compliance with existing standards and regulations.

Corporate Image:

Corporate social responsibility is increasingly valued by customers and partners. By demonstrating care for the environment through collaboration with Geomar Recycling, you build a positive image of your IT service as a responsible and engaged company in protecting the planet.