Birth of GEOMAR Recycling. What started as a local initiative in the Krakow market soon set more ambitious goals.


A step forward. Application for permits to expand waste management activities. Upon receiving approval, we began our expansion into the national market, taking the first steps towards becoming a significant entity in the industry.


Borders are not foreign to us. Thanks to our developing network of partners and logistical potential, we offer waste collection services throughout Poland.


Innovation in focus. Launch of a facility for processing used electrical and electronic equipment in response to the July 2005 Act. Wastes are now processed locally, increasing our efficiency and the attractiveness of our offer.


A new direction for expansion. Establishing cooperation with recyclers and smelters in Western Europe allowed us to broaden our offer and provide even more comprehensive recycling services.


Raising standards. Contracts with precious metal smelters in Western Europe for the supply of electronic waste processing inputs further expanded our range of services.


Global partnerships. Signing a contract with one of the world's largest precious metal smelters located in Japan, enabling us to offer the highest quality services and competitive pricing for electronic scrap.


Launch of a facility in Bodzanów near Krakow. Today, our over twenty years of tradition and continuous pursuit of excellence translate into a strong market position.

Our achievements in numbers:

Over 3,000 satisfied customers. Thousands of tons of managed industrial waste. Tens of thousands of tons of processed used electrical and electronic equipment.

At GEOMAR Recycling, the priority is not only the quality of services but also the assurance that our customers' waste is processed in accordance with current regulations.

We encourage you to trust our experience; together, we can take care of our planet.

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