Where to dispose of industrial waste?

Where to dispose of industrial waste?


Industrial waste should not be disposed of in regular bins meant for recycling, which are located on our properties or in common areas of residential buildings. It is absolutely forbidden to leave industrial waste in forests or on fields. Therefore, where should industrial waste be transported to in order to avoid harming the environment and breaking the law?

Industrial Waste – Examples

First, let's answer the basic question that many people who haven't been interested in waste collection, disposal, and utilization ask: what is industrial waste? In the broadest sense, industrial waste is the result of economic activity that cannot be entirely avoided during the production process. Contrary to appearances, industrial waste is produced not only by large manufacturing plants but also by hospitals, warehouses, and many other entities. When it comes to specific examples, we can distinguish:

  • waste from the energy sector – such as combustion residues, products from flue gas desulfurization,
  • metallurgical waste – such as slag rich in metallic elements, sludges from cleaning exhaust gases,
  • mining waste – such as physical and chemical processing of ores,
  • waste from car workshops – such as lubricants, oils,
  • textile waste – such as dyes, pigments used for coloring fabrics,
  • construction site waste – such as paints, chemical liquids, plastic.

Industrial Waste – Collection, Transport, and Disposal

Under the law of December 14, 2012, every company that produces industrial waste is obliged to manage it properly – it can do this on its own or through an external company specializing in such services. It is worth adding that industrial waste accounts for approximately 80% of the waste produced in Poland. Moreover, a significant portion of industrial waste is classified as hazardous waste. They are: flammable, susceptible to corrosion (difficult to store). For example, if left to themselves, they can penetrate the soil and contaminate water. For this reason, before disposal, they must be rendered harmless so that they do not pose a threat to the natural environment, human health, and life. If you want to be sure that the waste will be disposed of in a planet-friendly way, it is worth using the services of our company, which offers collection, transport, and disposal of industrial waste. We have the necessary certificates, operate legally, comply with applicable standards and regulations. We have nearly 20 years of experience (we have been on the market since 2003) and a loyal base of satisfied customers. We are punctual, have the appropriate packaging, means of transport, and provide complete documentation certifying the transfer of industrial waste for neutralization. We cordially invite businesses and entities generating industrial waste to contact us. Especially those in the energy, metallurgical, mining, and heavy industries. We are at your disposal.


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