What Can Be Brought to a Computer Scrap Collection Point?

What Can Be Brought to a Computer Scrap Collection Point?


One of the branches of our activity is the collection of computer and  electronic scrap. What parts and components does our Krakow collection point  accept and how does it operate? Why is it so important for electronic waste to  reach the right and designated point for this purpose?

Electronic Scrap vs. Computer Scrap

Electronic scrap, otherwise known as e-scrap, e-waste, or electronic waste, is formally referred to as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Electronic scrap comprises various types of broken, unused, or unwanted electrical and electronic devices that can be powered by electricity or batteries. Electronic scrap cannot be disposed of in regular municipal or community containers - it needs to be taken to specially designated points. Municipalities regularly organize e-waste collections for residents. The collection and transport of e-waste are handled by specialized companies like ours. On the other hand, computer scrap is a colloquial term for all waste, parts, and components of computers, which also fall under the broader category of electronic scrap.

Why is Computer Scrap a Special Kind of Waste?

Electronic and computer scrap should be taken to designated points for this type of waste, not to the communal container with other trash. Why? Computer parts and components contain many harmful and toxic substances, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, or chromium. Attempting to dismantle old electronic equipment or computers can release harmful substances into the environment. To avoid this, e-waste should be handled according to regulations: either taken to a collection point by yourself or, in the case of large quantities or sizes, entrusted to a specialized company.

Computer Scrap - Examples of Parts and Components Accepted by the Collection Point

Our computer scrap collection point accepts a wide range of parts and components. Examples include:

  • Old and new types of computer motherboards
  • Expansion cards
  • Network cards
  •  Circuit boards from automotive computers
  • Circuit boards from hard drives
  • Laptops without batteries and screens
  • Portable computers - laptops without batteries
  • Slot, plastic, and ceramic processors
  • Integrated circuits
  • Plugs
  • Circuit boards from CD/DVD drives

How Does the Computer Scrap Collection Point Work?

Our Krakow computer scrap collection point operates from Monday to Friday at the following hours:

8:00-15:00 - cash deliveries
7:00-15:00 - non-cash deliveries

The purchase price list is updated daily, and there is also the possibility of individual valuation. For private individuals or companies who do not have a sufficiently large vehicle or time to bring computer scrap or other types of electronic waste to our point, we guarantee free collection throughout Poland by courier at our expense. This service only includes incomplete devices.

Computer Scrap Collection Near Krakow

Our computer scrap collection point, located at Bodzanów 556, 32-020 Wieliczka, operates as a collection point for many parts and components, such as:

  • Processor collection
  • RAM collection
  • Electronic component collection

We offer attractive purchase prices and the possibility of individual valuation. For clients who frequently use our services, we offer the option to register as regular suppliers. They receive more favorable purchase prices than unregistered suppliers. More information and the registration form can be found on the Supplier Registration subpage.


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