What Can Be Brought to a Computer Scrap Collection Point? «

One of the branches of our activity is the collection of computer and  electronic scrap. What parts and components does our Krakow collection point  accept and how does it operate? Why is it so important for electronic waste to  reach the right and designated point for this purpose?

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What are electronic waste (e-waste) and where to dispose of or discard them? «

What are electronic waste (e-waste) and what falls under this category? Can  they be disposed of in municipal waste containers? Where in Krakow can they be  dropped off?

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Why is it not allowed to dispose of electronic waste in regular trash bins? «

Electronic waste lingers in the homes of millions of Poles. Some of us, during  major clean-ups, decide to get rid of electronic waste by throwing it into the  trash bin, and then into standard waste containers, which is a mistake.  According to the current legal regulations, such an act can result in a fine  of up to 5000 zlotys. What exactly is electronic waste, and what are the basic  principles of e-recycling that should be followed?

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Which entities are required to register in the BDO? «

In Poland, the obligation to register in the BDO system (Database on products and packaging and on waste management) applies to the following entities:

  1. Entrepreneurs introducing products in packaging:

    • Introducing products in packaging to the domestic market.
    • Importers of products in packaging.
  2. Manufacturers, importers, or entities placing electrical and electronic equipment on the market.

  3. Manufacturers, importers, or entities placing batteries and accumulators on the market.

  4. Waste producers:

    • Entities that produce hazardous waste.
    • Entities that produce non-hazardous waste, provided that the amount of waste exceeds specified limits.
  5. Entrepreneurs managing waste:

    • Collecting waste.
    • Transporting waste.
    • Processing waste.
    • Conducting activities in the field of waste recovery and disposal.
    • Entities operating scrap and secondary raw material collection points.
  6. Entities placing vehicles on the domestic market:

    • Importers of vehicles.
    • Manufacturers of vehicles.
  7. Companies conducting recycling of end-of-life vehicles.

  8. Entities conducting recycling or other forms of recovery of packaging waste, post-consumer waste, and other waste.

Registration in the BDO system is mandatory and allows for the tracking of the flow of products and waste, aiming to improve waste management in Poland.