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Geomar - recykling płytek elektronicznychW trosce o środowiskoGeomar - zarządzanie odpadami przemysłowymiGeomar - zbieramy baterieGeomar - odbieramy swietlowkiGeomar - odbieramy odczynnikiGeomar - skupujemy procesoryGeomar - sprzatamy elektrosmieci


Expertise GEOMAR Recycling is a recycling of industrial waste and the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.
Choose us because: :

  • we provide solutions tailored to the needs of your Enterprise
  • we promote the recovery and reuse of electronic equipment
  • we provide simple procedures so that our employees are working for you, not vice versa
  • we have registered in the Chief Inspector for Environmental Protection of electronic waste processing plant Reg E ZP 0000839

GEOMAR Recycling provides a fast and simple solution simultaneously acting for the benefit of customers and the environment. The solutions that we use for recycling are adapted to a variety of clients operating in all industry sectors, so regardless of the type of business we can offer you the right solution friendly to your expectations and environment