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Out of date drugs collection

Expired drugs are a special kind of waste. Nowadays, the development of the pharmaceutical industry has caused a rapid increase of the amount of medications used by people on a daily basis , and hence the formation of a huge ilościodpadów expired drugs. Often we buy medicines not needed, but because of the impact on our advertising and generally accepted standards indicating the need of having abundant medicine cabinet at home.

We offer a pickup service for disposal of expired medicines. We have all the administrative decisions authorizing us to receive such waste.
We collect a whole range of drugs and pharmaceuticals , including cytotoxic and cytostatic . Acceptance and utilization of drugs are executed in accordance with the procedures required by the Supervision of Pharmacy , because our customers are assured that their waste is destroyed , and not as it is sometimes abandoned in a nearby forest .
Received by us drugs are destroyed in the process of thermal treatment of hazardous waste in spalarnii .

In addition to receiving drugs from the outlets , hospitals, pharmacies we also implement and manage the cyclical rebounds drugs in the communities .
Rebounds the most frequently carried out in selected pharmacies in the municipality. From our side we can offer :

    deployment of proven collection systems

    provide special containers for collection of drugs

    providing effective notification procedure

    exceptional reliability, timeliness and quality

In our 10-year period of the trusted us already many customers and mass received by us expired drugs exceeded 100 000 kg , which is why we are confident that we can offer in this area the highest level of the market.

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