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We pay for E-SCRAP

In the digital age, e-waste accumulates in our homes and workplaces at an alarming rate. GEOMAR Recykling, as a leader in the recycling industry, recognizes the need for proper e-waste processing while offering attractive conditions for those who want to sell valuable fractions of used electrical and electronic equipment, such as processors, circuit boards, integrated circuits, hard drives, power supplies, drives, etc.

Why should you sell your e-scrap to us?

Attractive Prices:

We invite you to check our price list for competitive prices offered for various electronic scrap fractions.

Wide Range of Collection:

From computer recycling to mobile phone recycling and other e-waste - we are your comprehensive partner.

Environmental Responsibility:

By selling your electronic scrap to us, you can be sure it will be processed responsibly, avoiding landfills.


As one of the few, we offer e-waste collection services through courier pickup from anywhere in Poland. Just prepare the equipment, and we'll take care of the rest!

Who is our collection offer for?

Individual Customers:

If you have unwanted mobile phones, processors, electronic circuit boards - we are at your disposal.

Companies Collecting Used Equipment:

We are open to cooperation with companies involved in collecting used electrical and electronic equipment.

Selective Municipal Waste Collection Points:

We provide attractive conditions for collection points that want to sell collected e-waste.

Used Equipment Processing Plants:

We also cooperate with processing plants, offering favorable prices for e-scrap.

Don't wait! Turn your unwanted e-scrap into cash while contributing to the planet's protection. Contact us or visit our price list tab to learn more.

By working with us, you not only benefit from attractive offers but also contribute to environmental protection!