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Expertise and Practice in One Place!

In today's dynamic world of regulations and standards, knowledge about waste management and its safe transport is essential for many enterprises. GEOMAR Recycling, with its advanced industry knowledge and many years of experience, offers specialized training in this area.

What do we offer in our trainings?

Waste Management:

Learn the latest regulations on segregation, storage, and disposal of waste. Understand how to properly manage it, minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS):

Our OHS trainings in the field of waste focus on practical aspects of safe waste handling, minimizing risks to employees and the environment.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR):

We cover regulations regarding the transport of hazardous materials, teaching participants how to properly prepare and transport waste in accordance with international ADR standards.

Why choose training with GEOMAR Recycling?


Our team consists of experts with many years of experience in the industry.

Practical Approach:

We combine theory with practice, providing participants with real tools to apply in their daily work.

Customized to Needs:

Our trainings can be tailored to the individual needs and requirements of your company.

By collaborating with GEOMAR Recycling, you can be sure that your employees will gain not only theoretical knowledge but, most importantly, practical skills necessary in daily waste management and transportation. Contact us to learn more about available dates and training programs.