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Do you want to get rid of your old refrigerator, used computer, television, or other electrical and electronic devices?

We're here to help! At our facility in Bodzanowo, we conduct stationary e-waste collection. We give you the opportunity to directly hand over these waste items to us while ensuring their proper processing.

What do we offer?


Our facility in Bodzanowo is easily accessible and prepared to accept e-waste from both individual and business customers.

Wide Range of Accepted Devices:

We accept various types of used equipment - from large appliances to consumer electronics and computers.


We guarantee that the devices delivered to us will be processed in an environmentally friendly manner and in compliance with applicable regulations.


With a specialized approach, we ensure that e-waste processing is environmentally safe.

Why should you use our collection service?


You have the assurance that your equipment will be processed with respect for the environment.


Just bring us the equipment, and we'll take care of the rest!


Thanks to your commitment, you contribute to protecting our planet. Don't let your old devices become a threat to the environment. Bring them to our facility in Bodzanowo and see how easily you can contribute to Earth's protection! We're waiting for you and your e-waste!