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Do you want to contribute to environmental protection on an even larger scale? Harness the potential of your local community and organize an e-waste collection in your town or at local events. By partnering with us, we guarantee effectiveness and professionalism at every stage of the collection.

What do we offer?

Organizational Support:

We assist in planning and executing on-site e-waste collections, providing necessary materials and information.

Mobile Service:

With our experience, we can efficiently handle collections in various locations, from municipal squares to festivals and events organized by different institutions.

Comprehensive Service:

After the collection, we ensure the pickup, transportation, and proper processing of the collected waste.

Why should you collaborate with us?


We tailor our services to your needs and requirements, ensuring an individual approach to each collection.


Our knowledge and experience in recycling guarantee that every collection will be carried out smoothly and in compliance with applicable regulations.

Community Engagement:

Through our joint efforts, we contribute to raising environmental awareness in local communities.

Don't wait! Contact us and organize an on-site e-waste collection. Together, we will contribute to protecting our planet and ensure that used electrical and electronic equipment is properly processed. With us, organizing a collection is easy and effective!