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Our offer

Geomar Recycling offers holistic approach in protecting our natural environment. We professionally deal with all kind of wase being produced by our civilization.

Industrial waste
We collect Industrial waste including byt not limited to: sludge, dust, technological sewage, chemicals, wastes from on-site chemical laboratories, absorbents, towels, clothing and protective clothing, catalysts, acids, alkalis, chemicals mixtures.

 We offer

  • collection and disposal of industrial waste
  • transportation from the place of manufacture to the place of disposal
  • loading of waste
  • waste preparation, packaging
  • weighed on certified weight at the time of receipt of waste


We guarantee attractive, negotiable prices, quick processing of the order and quality backed by years of experience.
We employ highly qualified specialists

Electro-waste Recycling
We offer collection and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment.
A large part accepted by us electro-waste is process locally. We use technologies and quality equipment providing very high rate of recovery of materials such as:
plastics, wood, cables, copper, aluminium, steel, steel scrap, printed circuit boards, other materials from the devices.

How we do it:
Electrical equipment is delivered to our location and then move through following steps:

  • weighing the vehicle weight
  • quality control
  • removal of the contaminants
  • segregation into individual fractions
  • weighing fractions
  • transfer to the processing department
  • processing equipment
  • segregation obtained fractions
  • weighing a fraction of the processing
  • storing fractions


What happens next:
After processing electro-waste we get many different fractions of raw materials. We transport them to domestic and foreign recyclers. From such materials there are recovered many of valuable raw materials for re-production of electrical equipment. In further technological processes and in refineries are recovered metals such as: tin, copper, rare earth metals etc.

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