Delivery Notification

Delivery Notification

You can notify us of a delivery by contacting us via phone, email, or directly at our customer service office. Delivery notification is possible for clients registered in our Geosys plant management system. For companies, it is sufficient to provide the tax identification number (NIP) and address, while for individuals, the first name, last name, address, and ID number are required.

Valuation According to the Price List

Valuation According to the Price List

The valuation of purchased goods is conducted automatically in the Geosys system, which is integrated with the current listings of base and precious metals, as well as foreign currency exchange rates.



Classification and acceptance of goods are performed by a Geomar classifier using the Geosys system integrated with scales and a product catalog, ensuring that the customer has full transparency of the transaction and compliance with the terms of the price list.



The acceptance of the delivery to the facility automatically generates warehouse and settlement documents, enabling the customer to receive a settlement immediately after the completion of the goods acceptance.


1.1. We accept waste: cash deliveries 7:30 - 14:30; non-cash deliveries 7:00 - 14:30, from Monday to Friday.

1.2. We purchase waste from companies - based on a VAT sales invoice issued on the basis of our PZ document.

1.3. We buy waste from private individuals based on a purchase-sale agreement - to announce delivery and realize acceptance, an identity card is necessary to confirm the client's identity and register in the system. Financial conditions (price, payment terms, etc.) are established at the time of delivery notification in the office.

1.4. We only buy scrap from a legal source, which is the property of the seller.

1.5. Wastes must be free from dangerous, radioactive, etc., contaminants.

1.6. Weighing of waste takes place at the time of purchase on certified scales located at our facility. The scales are integrated with the system that manages the purchase process.

1.7. We recommend notifying larger deliveries by phone or email at least one day before delivery.

1.8. In the case of unsorted delivery by types according to our purchase price list, the price of the cheapest assortment in the mixture is taken as the average price per kg of the delivered goods.


  • circuit boards from mobile phones should be prepared without metal plates, plastic, etc. If such contaminants are not removed, the price is reduced by 50% compared to the list value.
  • old-type mobile phones - with keyboards should have batteries removed. In case of selling phones with a battery, the price is reduced by 50% of the list value.
  • hard drives should be dismantled from steel, plastic, or other material enclosures.
  • cd, dvd, floppy drives should be cleaned of plastic casing or steel enclosures.
  • processors should be prepared without radiators.
  • complete computers should contain a motherboard, processor, drive, power supply, memory. The hard drive may be removed.


  • Materials delivered for sale are accepted in the A-B reception sector.
  • After acceptance, the seller goes to the customer service office.
  • In the customer service office, the seller receives payment for the delivered goods in cash or by transfer (companies, VAT invoice).

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